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No respons on command M503

Posted by paulid 
No respons on command M503
September 17, 2013 05:53PM

From the moment I installed Pronterface and Slic3r I am wondering why I didn't receive any response on M503 (a print of the current settings). Another strange thing is when I give a command like G1 X10.000 F15000.000 it will work but when I press the button again ther is no reaction. when I give another command this command will work fine.
Still I am curious what could be the reasons of these problems especcialy because I now confronted with the fact that the way the Z-Axes have to go (e.g. 10.00 mm) after giving the command (G1 Z10.000 F15000.000) it only move 6 mm.

I am using an Melzi controller. Printing is no problem except that the hotend will not follow the exact Z direction. Less then defined so at the end the hotend will stock in his own filament....
Re: No respons on command M503
September 17, 2013 06:31PM
Do you have EEPROM enabled in firmware? Did you calibrate your steps per mm in firmware as well? What baud rate are you using?

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Re: No respons on command M503
September 17, 2013 07:09PM
Yes, I calibrated the steps/mm. baudrate = 115200.
Enabling EEPROM in Firmware sounds logical to me but this is new for me.
Please can you give some help. thanx
Re: No respons on command M503
September 20, 2013 09:20AM
Hi Paulid

Once you have connected to the Melzi in Pronterface, press the reset button on the Melzi. You should then see the startup messages from the printer, including the eeprom settings - if you copy them into a reply here it may help diagnose the problem.

If you don't see any message, how did you install Pronterface? Did you install from github? If you did, you may be missing part of the installation, perhaps pyserial, pyreadline or pyglet. Assuming Windows, see: [github.com]

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