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X axis lifting on one side

Posted by jonnyl007 
X axis lifting on one side
September 19, 2013 03:43PM
Hello all,
I am running a tricolor Mendel with a melzi board. Since I finished construction when I attempt to print any object after warm up and zeroing the right x axis stepper ( if your facing the printer) will spend independently right before the print starts, this throws my x axis off which ruins the print.
Any ideas on how to fix this would be welcomed.
Re: X axis lifting on one side
September 20, 2013 09:11AM

It sounds like the axis is sticking on one side. This can happen for a number of reasons: frame alignment, tight bushings, x axis too long or short between the Z smooth rods. I have written a guide in the troubleshooting section, see: [www.reprappro.com]
Also, check that the Z motors turn together with nothing attached, ie undo the motor couplings, it could be a wiring fault.

RepRapPro tech support
Re: X axis lifting on one side
September 20, 2013 10:28AM
Take off the couplers and turn the rods by hand once. They should turn very smoothly with no drag. I had a bad hold through one of my X-ends and the rod was touching the plastic in the hole, causing a fair degree of drag that would cause that motor to skip steps.

Also, make sure your motors are mounted such that your threaded rods are parallel to the smooth rods. If not, they can cause binding when the x carriage is up or down.
Re: X axis lifting on one side
November 04, 2013 05:01PM
I had the same problem after upgrading my mono mendel to 3color one.
In my case it was dirt on the rods. I cleaned them and greased them with thin oil, and now everything runs smoothly again.
Re: X axis lifting on one side
November 04, 2013 05:53PM
All of these thread rod driven machines should come with a great big sign on them:

Clean the rod with oil first.
Sloppy oil the rod and run a nut up and down it several times (it's a pain, but do it)
Clean the rod with oil again.
Wipe down the rod, but leave a film of oil on it.

I have yet to see a thread rod arrive here without grit on it. If the grit stays in drive nut it'll wear out a lot faster.
Re: X axis lifting on one side
November 04, 2013 10:01PM
I was having a simular issue with my prusa Ecksbot . Ramps with marlin . so im not sure this would help at all.

I could lift the Z up and bring home with no problems all day but as soon as i heated up and started a print i would hear a horrible grind and x axis would be off level. i could not start a print . was very frustrating ..

I took everything apart cleaned the rods. was going to run them thru a die to clean them up still .

I ended up rewriting my firmware to my ramps board and WOW my prints look amazing and my problem is gone .. wouldnt believe it could of been software all along .. but hey its worth a shot .

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