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connection to arduino mega ramps 1.4

Posted by freezone 
connection to arduino mega ramps 1.4
December 02, 2013 03:36AM
I connected arduino mega 2560 to ramps 1.4.
jumpered the pins of the motor driver and connected the drivers.

jumpered end stop and S -, but the motor does not run with pronterface.
in pronterface i can see "echo:endstops hit: X:xxxxxxx"

I also connected extruder header in D10 but there is no tension after 'set'

for instance I loaded the marlin from


help me please!!!!
Re: connection to arduino mega ramps 1.4
December 03, 2013 09:08PM
If it says "end stops hit" it's telling you that the end stop switches are being triggered. Either:

1) Your printer is at the end stop and the switch is triggered
2) Your switch is wired backwards
3) Your switch pins are not connected to your switch
4) Your firmware is not set up for the way you have your end stops wired.


On the extruder

1) do you have both of the +12 inputs wired up on the Ramps board?
2) is your +12 power supply on (I've made that mistake a lot ...)
3) Is the firmware set up to have an extruder on D10?
4) Is the thermistor set properly for the extruder?
5) Do you see a mintemp error?
6) If no mntemo, is it enabled? if both are no (or if 5 is no) check the thermistor wiring. (do you see a temp of 0C reported for the extruder?).


Was this made from a kit? If so which one?
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