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Prism Vertical X axis

Posted by Buback 
Prism Vertical X axis
December 27, 2013 10:15AM
I've just uploaded a vertical X axis design for Prism.


It's working superbly! I need to update the photos, files and instructions on the wiki page, but wanted to announce it here first.

An integrated carriage/Geared extruder will follow but the current carriage works great if you like your existing extruder. You will probably loose 50mm of Y travel, though, and the belt path is a bit tricky. I've designed it to accommodate multiple bearings so you can change the belt path.
Re: Prism Vertical X axis
January 18, 2014 01:29PM
Looks great! I did the same on my MendelMax 1.5 smiling smiley

I adapted Prusa i3 designs and turned them into MendelMax 1.5 sizes.

Currently printing out a new X-gantry setup so that means new motor end, new idler, a better x-carriage and it's going to be even more bowdenized with 1.75mm filament conversion coming from a 3mm setup.

The last thing I will change is the Z-mounts. The first design was made by changing the spacing of the Z-rods in the Prusa SCAD files, but if I want to adapt a design to my MendelMax, now I have to change the files again all the time. So the new Z-motor mounts will be getting the same kind of spacing as the Prusa i3 so that my printer can just use every kind of Prusa i3 X-axis design there is.

It's nice to see a different machine, thats the same in a way smiling smiley
Re: Prism Vertical X axis
February 04, 2014 02:25PM
Thanks for publishing that Buback !

I was planning to upgrade my "original" Prism X/Z axis maybe to a modified PrismX set from the current Prusa I2 which wastes a lot of Z space.

This will be an easier fit for sure. Starting to print as I write.

Question, what sort of bearings are used for the belt, and can you explain a bit the belt path difference between your model design and the actual implemented pictures on thingiverse ?
Looks like you only use one bearing on each end.

Most of my technical comments should be correct, but is THIS one ?
Anyway, as a rule of thumb, always double check what people write.
Re: Prism Vertical X axis
February 27, 2014 12:18PM
The belt path is a bit of a hack, currently. The whole X carriage is, for that matter. confused smiley

As is, with the wades on there, the belt hits the nut and/or gear on the extruder. The design of the x ends, with the 4 624 bearings, is to route the belt around the top and bottom of a NEMA 17 in a semi-integrated extruder/carriage.

I feel that the belt runs too close to the carriage and x rods with the current wades extruder platform. As you can see from the pictures on thingiverse, the GT2 gear is inverted on the motor and the belt risks rubbing on the M3 motor mounting screws. (i've left the extra length on the ends of the x smooth rods so that i can keep the angle of the belt acute enough so that the belt doesn't rub on the screws) I did this to keep the belt as far away from the hot end as possible. when the extruder is done, the hot end will be on the other side of the x rods and the heat will not be an issue, so there shouldn't be any problems with moving the mounting point a bit farther out so that they won't hit the M3 screws. Then, i can chop 40-50 mm off the x rods and make it a bit more compact without sacrificing anything.

As i understand it, there shouldn't be any issues with 624 and the minimum turn radius of GT2. it's much easier to fit in 4mm hold for the 624 than it is to fit an 8mm hole for 608.

even as a hack, it prints wonderfully!

PS. the carriage won't be anything revolutionary, just a wades style design, single hot end, but integrated into the carriage.

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