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i3 Box frame - Y axis measurements?

Posted by ncshooter426 
i3 Box frame - Y axis measurements?
March 15, 2014 06:01PM
I've finally gotten around to assembling the i3 today and hit a slight snag. The measurements I had for the Y-axis were taken directly from the wiki, M10 threaded at 400mm and M8 smooth at 370mm. Everything's gone together fine, and I used the link to [] for the actual build.

Problem is, looking at other pics my Y-Axis seems *much* shorter. If you slide the bed all the way forward, it hits the first mount (on the side with 2) and doesn't sit nearly as far forward than some of the pics. I've hit the snag because if I try and mount it to the frame, leaving ~2" from the motor side to the frame (as in the build doc above) you can't slide the bed forward enough to actually mount the front hold-downs to the frame. That got me thinking about how far forward the bed actually goes.

So... how far *should* the bed be able to move forward (relative to the frame)? I can push the entire assembly forward some (~1.5" maximum) but that still won't give me nearly as much as come of the other pictures show. Is this something I can fudge on the programming side of things? I'd rather not have to cut all new threaded and smooth rods if it turns out the wiki has outdated info sad smiley
Re: i3 Box frame - Y axis measurements?
March 16, 2014 11:22AM
I am somewhat curious about this myself. If you look at the wiki .. and some other sources, the Y smooth rods are 370mm .. When you go to the source files on Github in the box_frame\doc directory and reference the manual file .. it clearly states:

-2 405mm smooth rods

Do we have a authoritative source for the BOM for the Box Frame? I would think it would be the manual file in the Github .. but others believe the wiki ....

Re: i3 Box frame - Y axis measurements?
March 20, 2014 07:42PM
OK I've got to this point in my build and it's definitely wrong on the wiki. Without you move the Y axis motor to the front there is no way you can get full print area on a standard heated bed (200x200) without you go completely off the guide(s). You loose about 5cm print area which is roughly the rod difference.
As I mentioned if you have the motor at the front it should be fine, I think you might have to reverse the y axis but I'm not sure.
Its a shame as I have spare threaded and smooth rod of the right size from my prusa i1, but I already cut then belt down to size.

Looking at the build I'd guess someone took the y axis on the single frame versions and didn't take into account the width of the boxed frame.

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