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Part list doc

Posted by joblafors 
Part list doc
February 08, 2010 11:50AM
Hi guys.
I have setup Google.doc for mendel parts to order and where to order.
Could someone please take a look at it and tell me if something is wrong or missing. It`s been real pane in a** digging true all those wikis and pdf`s and partlists etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ....
By the way why all the info on parts are so scattered around, and most of the time it`s outdated. I`m beginning to dough myself if I have got myself in something I can`t grasp. At first it seamed so grate and easy, well I hope getting all parts will be the hardest thing in project (apparently I`m lying to myself smiling smiley )

Some part of components are replacements, because those in part-list where out of stock or no longer available or available only if you buy 1000 of them etc. (By the way this is big problem, especially for someone like me with little knowledge in electronics)

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Re: Part list doc
February 08, 2010 02:54PM
It seems a lot of people are following links to Digikey that lead to bulk parts. If you search for the same part number you will find that you can buy the same part in 1 off quantities at a higher price. Each part is normally available on a reel, as cut tape, or as individual parts.

Re: Part list doc
February 08, 2010 09:58PM
Looks like the list is locked right now, I can't seem to view it.

I'd like to see some of the parts vendors you're going through; I'm starting a bit of the same thing right now.
Re: Part list doc
February 09, 2010 03:26AM
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