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Problem with configuration

Posted by Snake05 
Problem with configuration
May 28, 2014 09:31AM
Hey Guys,

so I am a complete newbie in this whole 3d-Printing thing and i have no clue on how to solve my problem right now, so im hoping there
is someone who can answer me my probably really stupid questions. I ordered a Kit of a Prusa I3 and i assembled it. So far everything
works as it should, and i am really happy with that printer, but i have a huge problem configuring...
Since i have the Sanguinololu 1.3 and i ordered it with the pre installed marlin software i have really no idea how a configuration works...
And maybe i am too stupid, but i cant find a guide on the internet that answeres me my first and most important question... Where is that
configuration.h file everyone talks about... and how am i supposed to open it...? Isnt it on my Sanguinololu? And if yes how am i supposed to
get it from there, change it and then upload it again?
The reason why im asking this, is because my z-axis seem to not move for the right amount... i printed the test cube and it was not even close
to 1mm high... its more like... 7mm.... and sometimes when printing the nozzle just wipes through the last layers and i have to stop the printing
cuz its jetzt messing everything up... so how can i tell my zaxis to move up more... id really appreciate some help.. cuz im going crazy on thissmiling smiley
Re: Problem with configuration
June 12, 2014 01:14AM
I'm no expert but I don't think there is a way to extract firmware from your board. You'll either need to ask your supplier to send you the pre-configured firmware so you can tweak it, or download the standard Marlin and modify that.
Anonymous User
Re: Problem with configuration
June 12, 2014 02:54AM
Since you mentioned that you ordered your sanguinololu pre installed with Marlin it already has the required boot loader on your ATMega chip for it to communicate with your PC through USB port. So, my assumption is that all you would need to do is download the Arduino IDE from the arduino website and download the marlin firmware as well. Then, from the Arduino IDE, you would want to go to File, Open, then select Marlin.pde from the location where you downloaded the Marlin firmware. Then, you should be able to see "configuration.h" on one of the tabs above in the Arduino IDE. This is where you need to change some configs.

Let us know when you get this far, then we can help walk you through the rest if you need to.... smiling smiley
Anonymous User
Re: Problem with configuration
June 12, 2014 03:11AM
One thing I forgot to mention: you're going to need version 0022 of the Arduino IDE for sanguinololu, as from what I remember. I'm not sure if the newest one will work or not. You can find the older versions of arduino IDE here: [arduino.cc]
Re: Problem with configuration
June 12, 2014 05:59PM
if you not have eeprom disabled you can use this comand M92 Z2560.00 wher z2560 its number of steps per mm.after that you need to use comand M500 to save that.comand M501 will read yours seting from eeprom.you can use prusa calculator [calculator.josefprusa.cz]
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