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X-axis length?

Posted by nophead 
X-axis length?
March 07, 2010 08:56AM
Has anybody had problems with the x-axis length. When I come to fit it to the machine it is about 10mm too long for the z-bar spacing. When I made it I aligned the ends of the rod with the clamps. I think to shorten it I would have to shorten the rods as there is not 5mm clearance between the rods and the washers that cover the bearings.

To bodge it I could move the 180 bearing support on to the next set of holes which seem to be in about the right place.

Re: X-axis length?
March 07, 2010 10:40AM
I ran into this too. I left mine too long with the rods butted against the washers for now. I assumed the added length wouldn't have any negative effects.
Re: X-axis length?
March 07, 2010 03:20PM
On mine, I just moved the vert bearing 360 assembly inboard about 5 mm. The spacers are slack, but I think there's enough grip to hold the belt tension. If not, I'll trim the bars.

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