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Screws, belts

Posted by Ecir Hana 
Screws, belts
March 09, 2010 05:39PM

I'm reading the docs but I'm a bit confused over two simple things:

- "Mendel-m4-assembly-data-sheet" says two different things about cap screws: first ("BOM"), that I will need 4 x "m3-capx25" and 1 x "m4-capx20" but later ("Fasteners...") it does not mentions them and includes them in "m3-capx20" and "m4x16-cap".
Will I need those 4 + 1 special screws or is it possible to get away without them?

- Mendel needs 3 belts but the data-sheet lists only two (I should split BX). But how to get the right length? I should just cut BX and BY in the middle? And how long should BZ be? And should I split BZ in the same way as I'm going to split BX ("Belt splitter jig")?

(* There is "BELT SPECIFICATIONS (READ NOTES TAcool smiley" but I don't see it, probably the data-sheet got somewhat corrupted as I converted it)

Re: Screws, belts
March 09, 2010 06:01PM
You buy two belts. The longer one is for X & Y. It is 10mm wide so you split it down the middle with the jig to form two 5mm belts. You then break the loop so you have two lengths of belt and you then just fit them to the axes and cut off any excess.

The z-belt is continuous and the right length, but it is too wide, so you use the belt jig to slice it down to 5mm.

The spread sheet has hyperlinks to the correct belts from RS.

Re: Screws, belts
March 10, 2010 08:22AM
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