Purge Plate?
March 17, 2010 08:41PM
I am curious about the purge plate for the Mendel. I am guessing that this is where you extruded plastic to make sure the printer is ready to print, but I can't find any documentation about it. Is there more to it then that? Is there a wiki page or forum post I am missing.

just curious,

Re: Purge Plate?
March 26, 2010 12:37PM
I am also curious about this. At first i simply brushed this awkward pieces off to the side and ignored it. Now that you mention it, this is a perfect place to place a brush or rubber 'squeegee' to clean your tip before printing.

Also Curious!

Re: Purge Plate?
April 20, 2010 03:25PM
Zero documentation on this that I've seen but I use the purge plate to do a initial extrude (to push out any burnt filament/get the stream flowing nicely) and then wipe it off on the edge of the build platform. The purge plate bellow catches my extruded filament and allows me to do my printing preparations in a simple, automated way ^_^

You can see the gcode for using the purge plate in my skeinforge start.gcode file: github: start.gcode
Re: Purge Plate?
April 20, 2010 05:14PM
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