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Wiring Mendel Extruder Head

Posted by rusdp 
Wiring Mendel Extruder Head
April 07, 2010 10:56AM
Hey. I am looking at the wiring for the extruder head. It seems as though the 4-way pin header is an optional thing, as I read from the Mendel extruder head document page.

So I don't have to order more parts, and to save time, is there a quick work around for wiring the extruder head without using the 4-way pin headers?

Thanks for the help. My machine is coming along very well.

- rusdp
Re: Wiring Mendel Extruder Head
April 09, 2010 02:07PM
Hey rusdp,

The little prototype board with the 4 pin connector is entirely optional like you say. For my mendel I connected my extruder's stepper and thermocouple board (optional add-on, same applies for thermisters though) directly to the extruder board. The 4 pin header board just reduces wiring clutter, same with the power connector/usb connector board thing. A standard ATX power supply and FTDI serial<->usb will work just as well, it'll just be a little messier smiling smiley

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