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Error in frame x-axis installation?

Posted by Nyarlathotep 
Error in frame x-axis installation?
April 18, 2010 02:36AM

'Installation of X-Axis'

This step calls for M4x12 bolt, qty 6. However there's no M4x12 bolt called out in the master BoM on the Mendel Assembly Data Sheet


so there is an error somewhere - either in the BoM or on the assembly instructions. Can anyone confirm the correct screws to use on this step?

Thanks !


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Re: Error in frame x-axis installation?
April 21, 2010 03:09PM
crud, I have no idea. I bought what was listed in the BoM and managed to assemble my Mendel without trouble so I'd say go by the BoM. Still can someone with a Mendel on hand verify if that is supposed to be an M4x40 and update the wiki?
Re: Error in frame x-axis installation?
April 21, 2010 11:12PM
Looking through it, I think you can use M4-16 Cap instead. If you take all the M4-12 Cap screws and M4-16 Cap screws and add them up it's suspiciously around the right number of M4-16's in the spreadsheet.

Note: I noticed the extruder mentions a single M4-16 Cap screw and in the spreadsheet it mentions it's M4-20 Cap screw.

Guess: To reduce the different types of part (and therefore reduce the cost), someone has changed pieces. This change may not necessarily have made it into the wiki build instructions.
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