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Problems with bigger nozzle

Posted by DHolm 
Problems with bigger nozzle
June 28, 2015 08:31AM
I have a Prusa I3 with a E3d V6 hotend, it's been working perfectly with the 0.4 nozzle but now when I changed to a bigger 0.8 nozzle I dont get any good prints.
The first layer is fine but when the infill starts it just get worse and worse.
It's like the infill won't stick to the first layer.

Se this picture:

I use Cura with these settings:

Do I have the wrong settings or what should I do?
Re: Problems with bigger nozzle
June 29, 2015 07:07AM
Have you tried adjusting the flow ratio?

[forums.reprap.org] :
"The only setting you need to change is extrusion ratio and nozzle diameter. Set nozzle diameter to 1mm (from what it was at 0.5mm) and then it will flow 4 times faster.... but you only need 2 times faster in reality. So adjust the extrusion ratio by 0.5 factor."

Prusa i3, Ramps 1.4. Catnozzle 0.4mm
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