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Recommend a fan duct for a mendal max 1.5?

Posted by dpeart 
Recommend a fan duct for a mendal max 1.5?
September 25, 2015 02:39PM
I'm in need of a fan duct for my printer to make my bridging better. I've tried one that just sits way back and blows over the entire part, but since it blows from one side I get warping in the part. I tried one that encircles the hot end, but that had the same issue where I would get more air on one side of the part, the side where the fan is mounted, and the part would warp again.

I'm hoping that someone has a fan duct that just points on the head where it extrudes? I'm hoping that this will cool the extrusion, but not cause the rest of the design to warp.

I have a wades extruder and a j-head hot end.

So what are others doing?

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