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Help Identifying Build for Possible Prusa i2 Parts

Posted by Carsecond 
Help Identifying Build for Possible Prusa i2 Parts
September 27, 2015 06:07PM
I am new here, so if this is in the wrong section of the forums, please kindly point me in the proper direction for this post and I will happily make it there.

I recently purchased some rods and a belt for my Prusa i2 Project and my purchase came with a surprise: printed parts! I contacted the seller who revealed that he did not know if the parts were a complete set or what variant of the Prusa i2 they were for, he only knew that they were for an "older version of the Prusa i2." I have attached pictures of the parts I received, for I am clueless as to utilizing them in my build. I would like to use them if at all possible, but I cannot find what variant of the Prusa or extruder they are intended for. Please help me find links for instructions to using these parts to build a reprap! I might be totally off, but the parts look vaguely like those of an i2, its just the x-carriage, extruder, and large |'''| shaped pieces...

Thank you so much. Please help!
open | download - Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 5.10.57 PM.png (314.2 KB)
open | download - image_1.jpg (518.6 KB)
open | download - image_2.jpg (389.8 KB)
Re: Help Identifying Build for Possible Prusa i2 Parts
September 28, 2015 07:11AM

Looks like : [reprap.org]
Check out if building instructions matches your parts.
If not, check another mendels on the reprap wiki.


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