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bed heating

Posted by vass 
bed heating
November 01, 2015 03:57AM
can I use a heated bed without a sensor telling the i3 it's temperature?

I've put one in, powered it with a separate power supply so the i3 had no idea it's there but the lcd now says 'heating bed' how does it know it's there?

nothings happening either it's just sitting there :-(
Re: bed heating
November 02, 2015 06:12AM

The best way is to control the bed temperature by the main board.
So you'll be able to manage bed temperature by software/code,
rather than by hand or not linked external regulator.

But, you can choose any external way too.
Actualy you still have a heatbed declared on your firmware.
Just desactivate it first in your configuration files.

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