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extrusion problems help

Posted by Gaou 
extrusion problems help
November 18, 2015 10:16AM
Guys the last days i am dealing terrible extrusion problem. I am not able to print even 1hour without the extruded jam or losing steps ( after many lose steps it jams again) .

I have searched and examine everything in the extruder and the last thing i have done was to replase the last part of the ptfe tube with copper pipe ( havent tested yet ) .

So are there any tips that i ignore for the extruder ? Are there any updates that i shoud use ? What i have done with the copper you think that will help or make things worst ?

Some infos . I am printing a LG CHEM ABS plastic which has specification for extrusion 220-250. The filament i am running is from 1.7-1.78 and the slic3r configuration is at 1.74. I have tested the heating block and i have fixed it ( the nozzle was too close to the mounting block so i though that the filament was soft enough and couldn't find it's way out easily ). i corrected the over extrusion problem buy multipling 107/100 * 660, i lose the bearing at the extruded but none of these seem to help .

So i am out of ideas and the printer again is out of order . I want to install the nozzle again tonight but i will be very dissapointed it it won't work again.

Be well ,

(Sorry for my english.)
Re: extrusion problems help
November 29, 2015 12:13PM
my extrusion problems seem to stopped. I dont know what really caused them as i did some things on my rpp mendel . First i insulated the heated block with a piece of aluminum glassfiber sheet. The second one was that i let the retruction as it was ( at the beggining i had retruction set at 1mm-2mm ) but increased the speed at 60mm/s. The third one get the end of the bowden tube open up with a 2.5 drill and not 2mm as it is described at the documnetary.

Anyway i dont know if all this or just one of them has to do anything with the problem that has been solved but i am happy now that i am back on printing.

My intention is to get a quick set nozzle to a lathe to make one but a bit taller as i will feel more comfortable known that the bowden tube is some mm shorter and away from the hotend.

happy printing guys .
Re: extrusion problems help
December 05, 2015 03:01PM
I am here again as the clogs are less now but they are still there. I have notice that i am getting a clogged hot end at a specific time on the prints. I mean after 2 hous i get the first clog.

As i am running out of ideas the last thing that comes in my mind is that the high temp that i am using ( 235-245 ) travels up to the end of the hotend and the bowden tube start deforming. At that time i am getting bad extrusion ( something like drops instead of lines ) and after that the hotend is stopping. My only way to reduce them is to move the bowden tube as far as possible from my heating block.

But i dont know how to do this. I asked some lathe spots here in Athens but i did get weird answers that i cant understand. My only solution at this moment is to drill a stainless steel screw which ill be taller than the existing hotend.

Also i am trying to figure out if the retraction is a good thing or not for my case. In my previous post i said that it must help. But thinking of it i try to figure how the melted plastic can be retracted and extruted without leaving any trace of abs on the hot end,.

Guys if you have any advice please share.
Re: extrusion problems help
December 07, 2015 10:59AM
another thing i have notice today is that the wet filament doesnt help either . probably the bubbles from boiling inside the hotend is something that requires extreme force do be extracted as the steam usually goes up against the filament that tends to go down ...!
so for my next steps i ll dry every filament before printing to saw if that helps. i couldn't imagine that it would be so tough .
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