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Just a couple of questions for my RepStrap

Posted by RobotMenace 
Just a couple of questions for my RepStrap
December 03, 2010 09:26AM
First of all I'd like to apologise if I've put this in the wrong section.

Well I've got my axes designed and tested and now I'm ready to start scaling up and buying in supplies, the only real missing link now been the extruder cold end. Now the major goal is to make the smallest practical RespStrap possible so a Bowden extruder is probably a must. But I can't work out if Adrian's or Wade's extruder is best suited to the job. Is one better than the other for this, or is it all down to personal preference?

The second question is what is the minimum print area needed to produce parts for a Mendel? My "almost working model" is built in a 25cm cubed box and has a 10cm cubed print area. I worked that out with the hot end and Bowden cable connected. I think I could get 20cm x 20cm x 12 cm in the same size box if needed, or reduce the overall dimensions if not.

Thank you.
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