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Prusa i3 1.5 Rework not really auto leveling

Posted by topq-desgin 
Prusa i3 1.5 Rework not really auto leveling
September 22, 2016 03:02PM
Hi All,

I'm already using my printer for a half year but my auto leveling is not really auto leveling and want some help if possible.

When I do a G29 all works fine and printer is checking 4 points and showing me the Z axis offset for hits/checks 4 points. I use a inductive sensor.

I'm thinking that even the bed is not 100% leven the auto leveling will fix this difference but when he's printing some places of the bed is printing well
but other places it's just drops the plastic. Can somebody tell my how I can configure that Z axis auto correct this small difference?

I'm using the Marlin_Prusa_i3_rework_1.5.zip firmware which can be found on reprap-3d website.

Can somebody tell me how to configure this ?

Thanks in advance,


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