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Jhead melted, please help

Posted by vetteguy112233 
Jhead melted, please help
December 11, 2016 08:39PM
My makerfarm prusa i3 8" had worked almost flawlessly for 3 years. Recently while printing my jhead lost track of temp and melted itself into oblivion. I tried a cheap (V6 I think) replacement from eBay and even with the cooling fan running, I could never get it to finish a 30 min print, It keeps clogging up. the seller refunded me, but I need a replacement jhead.

Colin at Makerfarm recommended the following:


Before I spend almost $60, I thought I'd ask you guys if you know of a decent cheaper replacement?

I print with abs and petg, 3mm
Re: Jhead melted, please help
December 14, 2016 03:39AM

What temprature are you printing at?
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