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testing extruder motor

Posted by HereIgoAgain 
testing extruder motor
February 17, 2011 08:11PM
Ok, I've tested out the mother board and the stepper motors and believe I've installed the extruder board software and connected up the extruder board correctly. Is there a way to test to make sure the extruder motor works before I begin tackling the hot end mechanics ?? Slow and easy steps...that gets the job done....I hope!!
Re: testing extruder motor
February 17, 2011 08:36PM
The motor doesn't need filament or or hot end to turn run. If you have a host software installed you can jog it through the control panel. It might sound a little rattly though.
Re: testing extruder motor
February 19, 2011 08:26AM
thanks for responding....yea that's what it did. Just wanted to do some testing b4 i put it all together.
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