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[Mendel90] Adapter IDC

Posted by ivancdp 
[Mendel90] Adapter IDC
March 13, 2017 03:12PM
Hey guys, i'm new here.
I need some help regarding the X motor assembly of the mendel 90 build.
The type of adapter that's in the tutorials is different from the one I have here.
I am going to solder each wire to the corresponding pin.
In the tutorial, it says the first two wires are unused, so you should connect wire 3 with pin 1. Ok so far.
Then it says pin 8 is unused. Ok also

My question is, should I solder wire 4 with pin 2 (the one next to 1 on the same row) or with pin 9 (the one on the other row)?
I soldered them the first way (wire 4 with pin 2, wire 5 with pin 3 and so on) then I looked at the picture and it was so much cleaner than what I have here. That made me wonder.
Can anyone give me some advice here?
Thank you in advance

open | download - Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.37.56 PM.png (477.7 KB)
Re: [Mendel90] Adapter IDC
May 28, 2017 03:42AM
Although I'm a bit late: Wire 3 to pin 1, wire 4 to pin 9, wire 5 to pin 2, wire 6 to pin 10 and so on.
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