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Prints starting at z0.35

Posted by henripster 
Prints starting at z0.35
January 17, 2018 09:03PM
Hey guys

My printer is a prusa i3 with auto levelling running marlin.

So this is what's happening: my printer heats up and then levels the bed normally, but after that - when the printing process actually begins - the Z height goes up to 0.35 no matter what Zoffset or slicer I choose I can't make it go down to the correct Z printing position.

What do I need to do to fix this?
Re: Prints starting at z0.35
March 26, 2018 10:42AM
My speculations are that your Z-Probe settings are wrong.

Z-Offset and Z-Probe-Offset are two different things. (Correct me if I am wrong)
It is my understanding that when you have an auto-leveling function with Z-Probe your manual Z-Offset in gcode values are ignored.

In marlin that's certainly the case.
Re: Prints starting at z0.35
March 26, 2018 11:19AM
Are you using Marlin if so post you configuration.h file

Can take a look see if we can help you with your settings.
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