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Getting the bits? Prusa Mendel

Posted by aamcle 
Getting the bits? Prusa Mendel
July 29, 2018 01:06PM
Evening All.

I would like to build a Prusia Mendal mendal but I foresee a few difficulties as I live in the UK and don't have access to a printer to make the printed parts it needs.

Were can I get the bits or even a complete kit? I can probably source most of the components easily enough it's the printed bits that are the biggest issue.

Any help much appreciated.

Regards aamcle

Ps. Thinking of kits and parts can you recommend a reliable supplier in the UK?
Re: Getting the bits? Prusa Mendel
July 29, 2018 03:39PM
That is a obsolete machine.
Re: Getting the bits? Prusa Mendel
July 29, 2018 03:48PM
Ok what should I be looking at?

I'm after a relatively easy build and inexpensive, which printer do you sugest?

Many Thanks. Aamcle
Re: Getting the bits? Prusa Mendel
October 16, 2018 02:03AM
Don't let others discourage you if you want to build something. I just built a Prusa Mendel i2 over the summer and it performs just as well as an expensive new machine. Just don't skimp on the smooth rods and hot end and take your time getting everything square and calibrated. Conceptually, it is a great way to make use of common threaded rod and fasteners to build a homemade machine. And, it is a great learning opportunity. For UK sources of parts, I suggest RepRap Ltd. E3D. I live in the US so I usually use Folger Tech if I need items quickly, Fastenal for smooth rods, and Chinese suppliers via eBay or Ali Express if I'm willing to wait. RepRap Ltd has the Fisher kit. E3D has non-commodity machined items, specifically hot ends and extruder parts. eBay has Prusa Mendel i2 kits from around the world. If you are able to source all the hardware components and are willing to construct a temporary machine, also consider RepStraps. Such machines are intended to be built in order to boostrap a pure RepRap machine such as the Mendel, solving the "Chicken and Egg" problem. Of course, if you get a RepStrap machine working well enough, you may be happy enough with it.
Good luck!
Re: Getting the bits? Prusa Mendel
October 16, 2018 03:44AM
the mendel has serious design flaws

It wobbles like anything in the X axis, and for the same volume as a I3 type machine it can only print half the height

Plastic parts are much harder to get, being obsolete, unless you already have a printer.

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Re: Getting the bits? Prusa Mendel
October 16, 2018 05:57AM
I disagree on the X wobble, especially if lm8uu bearings are used. I do agree that the height is limited, thus it is best served by a bowden set-up to free up the room used by the extruder. I use an E3Dv6 in a bowden configuration with a Greg's Wade extruder. RepRap plastic parts for the Prusa Mendel i2 are no harder to get than other RepRap parts. eBay shows the i2 parts being sold right along with the i3 rework and hypercube kits. The demand is low for anything 3D printed and those of us selling parts are happy for any buyers. The main advantage I see in the Prusa Mendel i2 is that it can be built from scratch provided you have a 3d printer and a hardware store--a great advantage to those of us stuck in the backwards parts of USA where a laser cutter or CNC router is hard to find. The i2 design lets those of us who have the capability to build such a machine sneak in under the radar in hostile territory where any intellectual activity would usually be forbidden or criticized, so I see it as a way to expand access to the tech.
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