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My printer is set up with the nozzle offsets and when the printer homes the nozzle is just right. The

Posted by TerryD15 
Hi all,

I managed to resolve my last problem but another one has raised it's ugly head.

My printer is set up with the correct nozzle offsets and when the printer homes the nozzle is just right, with the 'paper test' the paper is just snagged by the nozzle. However when I come to print, the nozzle tries to start printing at about 7.25 mm above the bed ( I used a stack of feeler gauges to get that figure).

The printer uses bilinear bed levelling on a 9 point matrix with an inductive probe over an aluminium bed.

The model was sliced in Slic3r with an 0.4 mm first layer and 0.3 mm for the following layers. The configuration of the machine was done with Marlin Bugfix 2.0.x which seems to be correct as far as I can tell. This is very frustrating and I really need help on this and would be very grateful for help / advice in solving it. I may have overlooked something in Marlin config so I attach it for perusal.

Thanks for reading.
open | download - Configuration.h (80.1 KB)
Scanned your Configuration.h File it looks ok.

Computer Programmer / Electronics Technician
Hi Robert,

Thanks for the confirmation, I thought that it was ok but was bug eyed after spending ages looking for problems. The problem of the nozzle sitting too high still has me confused as the gcode from the slicer (Slic3r) seems ok. It's a perplexing problem as originally I used a traditional micro switch endstop on the Z axis and got good prints, perhaps I should just abandon ABL and go back to manual setting.

Best regards and thanks for the efforts.

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