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Attempting to print above bed.

Posted by TerryD15 
Attempting to print above bed.
March 12, 2020 04:32AM

My printer, a self build Mendel / i3 has been upgraded to abl using an inductive sensor and Marlin Bugfix 2.0.x. Z axis homes to zero just about 0.4 mm above bed as it should. However when it starts to print the nozzle tries to print at around 7.25mm above bed. The intended print seems to be sliced ok (Slic3r) and my Configuration.h has been 3rd party checked and I'm pretty sure that it's fine but I've attached it Just in case.

I have also attached my gcode for the model I am trying to print which is a set of 4 links for a cable drag chain. I have printed this successfully in the past but have recently sliced it from the .stl file in Slic3r as I did originally when previously printing it. Perhaps someone could try printing this as a test? I have the matching ends if anyone wants to print a drage chain for their machine - just ask and I'll gladly supply it..

I'd be grateful for any suggestions especially from anyone who has solved similar problems.


Terry D

P.S. Note: Moderators, I have asked this question in another topic but I messed up the original title and would be grateful if you could merge them or delete the older topic. Sorry if I have broken any rules it is unintentional.
open | download - CableChainx4.gcode (554.2 KB)
open | download - Configuration.h (80.1 KB)
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