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Gen 6 delux electronics - Programm with ISP

Posted by NozzleMover 
Gen 6 delux electronics - Programm with ISP
May 26, 2020 05:44PM
Hello everyone!
I am having an old Orcabot 0.42 with a generation 6 deluxe board. I managed to get the marlin 1.1.8 running stable on my board thanks to some other guys here. Now I want to use the printer for vinyl cutting and it seems the software wants to use arcs. I once enabled arcs in Marlin, but the file was too big for the ATMEL ATMEGA 644P. So I thought about getting rid of the boot loader and use an Arduino nano as ISP programmer to transfer the marlin onto the gen 6 board.

1. Has anyone done this?

2. The Nano has also an ISP header. So a 1:1 connection to the gen6 deluxe board should work. Any hint on how to NOT twist the ISP cable with this 2x3 pins?

Do I power the gen6 board or should I set the ISP connection up win a way to transfer power from the PC via the Arduino nano into the gen6 board?

Thanks for your thoughts and probably even help!

Re: Gen 6 delux electronics - Programm with ISP
May 27, 2020 03:36AM
2. was actually a simple Google job:

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