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Self Sourced Ultimaker Build w/ modifications

Posted by stratmaster458 
Self Sourced Ultimaker Build w/ modifications
November 24, 2013 02:18PM
Hey folks, well I'm finally putting those lasered Ultimaker parts to use! I started in september by painting my wooden parts and odering the hardware. The project was put on hold due to funding but now I have cash and I'm moving straight ahead. So far I have been able to find every part I need except for:

- Brass bushings compatible with 8mm smooth rod
- Bearings for the X/Y axis rods (the ones I bought ended up being 8mm ID exactly so the 8mm rods don't fit unless I sand them alot)

That being said almost everything is either accounted for or will be worked around using printed parts and modifications found on thingiverse as well as some of my own design. Another problem I have been thinking about is how to mount the hotend, I have a Makergear 0.35mm 1.75mm filament hotend fully assembled that I'd like to use on this Ultimaker build but it seems no one else has really done it. My current solution is going to be a custom XY print head that mounts the makergear and holds the LM6LUU bearings in place. I plan to base my design off one of the many alternative print heads (probably one of the E3D designs). If anyone has used a makergear on an ultimaker I'd love to heard it.
Re: Self Sourced Ultimaker Build w/ modifications
February 08, 2015 05:10PM
Almost all the ultimaker kit parts are on aliexpress and are very cheap if you still haven't found any (years later).
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