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Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap

Posted by spacexula 
Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 13, 2010 08:09AM
The x-bar KrisC posted ..http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2196 + the Wade extruder parts..

That should be enough to build the complete X-axis.

At least I guess. I am not an expert on this :-)

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Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 13, 2010 08:17AM
mhensen needs these parts for his x-axis. Should be much cleaner models than james's
Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 13, 2010 08:21AM
plus the wade extruder section.

Otherwise I have an x-axis and a hot end.. but no way to push the filament through the plastruder..

Or do I do this by hand :-)

But I think the biggest need is for the Wade extruder.. Mounting it someway to slide on the rods can't be to difficult.

I just got a message that my hot end will be shipping tomorrow.

Now I have build the mendel, tested the cnc board and noticed I also am missing the end stops.. Guess a new trip to the electro store. But the steppers moved and the table slided, the x-bar raised and lowered.. So No I can tune this in the comping 2 weeks with a pen mounted on the x to see how precise I can get it.

But all in all, I still like the machine and do not regret the buy of it,(I am also in the 350 batch), just a pitty not all parts are there, but I guess this is all in the process of starting something new!

With kind regards

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Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 15, 2010 07:38AM
Hi all,

First of all I have to apologize to James Villeneuve because I finally received my long awaited package!!. I got a mail on the 17 of march stating that it was on it's way, I guess that caused a wrong perception as the package was eventually send on the 30th of march.. While I was counting on that 30th to arrive.

So my James I apologize for the missing x-bar and extruder.

with kind regards,

Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 15, 2010 07:54AM
As you've noticed the pressure is off. If you've already started with the wade extruder I will still take it of your hands.. I do believe that it is a better solution then the bowden extruder included.
Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 15, 2010 01:06PM
I am printing them off now, they will be at the google store off my blog, My goal is to keep 10 of each in stock at all times

10 Prinstruder 2
10 Wade Extruders

Let's see if I can do it.

Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 16, 2010 05:24AM
@spacexula: Do you have the profounddevice mendel printing? Or do you have some images that show of your wade extruder attached to the profounddevice?

You also mentioned you went for another extruder circuit.. Is this the extruder board like makerbot? If so how to hook that all up to the arduino board, or do you also a makerbot motherboard..

@Krisc: have you created any replacement parts for the profounddevice? Do you have it working correctly.. Just out of curiousity and please share images, vids. whatever that might be helpfull for others..(me included:-) )

And to all others that are building profounddevice mendels, please share your progressions..

Questions, questions ...

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Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 16, 2010 04:50PM
My build plate just went from 4ohm to 300ohm, so I am having to fab a unheated build plate to fit, and start back up with no HBP for a few weeks... ick

Got to love beta hardware.

As for what I sold, it was just the standard wade extruder and bowden clips... you get to determine the motors and firmware.

Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 16, 2010 06:34PM
I finally got all the parts together and builded a mendel.. the only thing missing is the plastruder itself.. But that is because I am missing a vital component.. the thermistor .. so that will be somewhere next week when I can build that thing.

The only thing I can do now is to test.. running some gcode through the software james posted of testing the catalyst brought some life to the machine.. but how to conduct a real test .. like printing a square or circle..and measure the sizes to get accuracy?

are there gcode files for that.. ??..

@spacexula. I am also looking for the teethed pat that grabs the filament.. I don;t have any resource here to make it!!!

with kind regards,

Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 16, 2010 06:47PM
Here is one possible set of teeth for a geared drive. It include a 3/8" hex shaft that a second, larger gear can slide onto. That way the motor can turn a small spur gear, the small gear turns the big one, and the small splines on the same shaft as the big gear bites into the plastic with more torque then the stepper motor has on its own.

Re: Profounddevices Mendel RepStrap
April 17, 2010 02:21AM
I have some other projects distracting me from getting the heater and temp sensor working properly; I have not been able to get the extruder to work under software control. However I do have the motors running from the RepRap software. I think this is how I am going to run the printer. James said he's going to expand his software to be a full featured host.

@Michael: do you know how to make STLs? Just run them through reprap. I made a step pattern with 10mm steps. This showed me how much my x-axis was binding (a lot). I attached a pen to the extruder and taped a paper to the table. A file and some WD40 got things running more smoothly.
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