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HomeDepotStrap Cobalt

Posted by kscharf 
HomeDepotStrap Cobalt
June 18, 2014 06:58PM
Here is my attempt at building a RepStrap. I've called this one the "HomeDepotStrap" because it is mostly made of hardware and parts purchased from the home improvement store. The linear movements are heavy duty ball bearing drawer slides similar to the what's been used in the WolfStrap and the Eiffel. In my case, I used steel and Aluminum angle and bar stock for the supports, the base is a piece of 3/4" MDF. The overall design borrows from the Prusa I3.

I've also used some aluminum 19" relay rack panels as well. The stepper motors are NEMA-23's, because I found five of them for $5 each at a Ham radio flea market. The Z axis is driven by 5/16 x 18 threaded rod (the common stuff from the home center), and the X and Y axis use XL belts because they fit the pulleys I found with 1/4" hubs to match the motor shafts.

Some photos:

The extruder uses a 0.9 degree/step Nema-17 motor I had in the junk box. I bought a standard filament drive pulley-gear for it, the plastic bits were salvaged from an old bread cutting board.

I'm going to use 1.75mm filament. The hot end is a J-Head Lite kit from ebay.

Electronics is a RAMPS 1.4 with an Arduino Mega, and a clone of a RepRap Discount LCD panel.

I also built a home brew heated bed, it's an 8" square piece of 2mm thick aluminum plate with 32 pieces of 68 ohm 5 watt sand resistors glued to the bottom with high temp epoxy glue. I will cut a piece of glass to go on top of it.

Right now it's running Repetier Firmware 1.91, though I have also been experimenting with Marlin.

I figure I have about another week or two of mechanical work before I start the fun of calibrating the printer and making my first print.

BTW, I named the printer "Cobalt", since I'm a fan of Tezuka Osmau's Anime. I noticed that many printers had the name 'bot' in there somewhere because they are considered CNC robots. Cobalt was Astro Boy's brother.

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Re: HomeDepotStrap Cobalt
August 03, 2014 06:30PM
Update: It's printing!
Just did the 20mm box test object. measured 20.13mm on a side!
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