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Looking to get a cheap, first printer

Posted by kageko 
Looking to get a cheap, first printer
July 22, 2015 10:29AM
Hi there,

So i'm looking to get started in 3dprinting, or to be more precise i'd like to build one and tinker with it. I'm also on a pretty strict budget of about 100-150€.

I'm not looking for perfect print quality right off the bat but good enough so i can make the parts for a new printer eventually.
Managed to find this: [www.instructables.com] and it looks pretty good apart from the fact that the authors pictures of the printer look a bit crooked. But i'm figuring i can fix that with some extra structure and maybe add some sort of auto-leveling for the bed later on as well as other things.

I've tried finding others who have built it, but without any luck.

Can someone with a bit of experience chime in? I dont mind adding on upgrades later i'd just like it to be able to make basic prints for a low price to start with.

The other alternative i've found is the Peachy printer which seems to do the job well enough for what i want it to do as well, but the resin seems really expensive (about double the cost of abs). And it isn't out yet, so there's that smiling smiley
Re: Looking to get a cheap, first printer
July 22, 2015 12:00PM
It's hard to make a decent printer for that sort of money. My advice is to save up until you can afford 300 Euro, then get a kit such as the RepRapPro Fischer or Prusa i3. Be careful of buying kits or printer electronics from China because the quality is often poor.

Delta printer calibration calculator, mini IR Z probe, and colour touch screen control panel: [escher3d.com]

Large delta printer, and other 3D printer blog postings: [miscsolutions.wordpress.com]

Disclosure: I have a financial interest in sales of the Panel Due, Mini IR height sensor, and Duet WiFi/Duet Ethernet.
Re: Looking to get a cheap, first printer
July 24, 2015 12:05AM
With the Cherry Printer your only saving the cost of 3 stepper motors. It uses the same controller, drivers, endstops, rods, and bearings as a bigger printer.

My favorite cheap diy printer right now is the Funbot (link). Build it without display to save money.

I've built 2.

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