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my new super duper ultra great 3d printer smiling smiley

Posted by woo 
my new super duper ultra great 3d printer smiling smiley
August 09, 2015 05:06PM

so let me introduce my latest project.

I had so far a lot of printers, some are introduced here on forum grinning smiley) First waz prusa i3,then mendel max1, smartrap(oh my god, that waz terrible, i burned it chopped in pieces, sprayed with holly water and barried it) then my custom printer with 500x500x500 mm work area, modified p3steel....
so i have taken everything that i liked and put it on one single printer.

My goal is to make solid, industrial look 3d printer, that can print high qualtiy prints, and all that for affordable price.
also main goal waz to make frame very accurate, to avoid assembly mistakes(like mendel max 3 for example)
so as you can see i have taken frame style from early makerbot, upgraded it to steel, and i think that this is at this time best frame on the market. its strong, ultra precise, very cheap(it costs me 2 cheap beers), and ..its not wooden or acrylic winking smiley (steel is to heavy for shipping winking smiley )
y table is from prusa...sort of, also heavy modified to accept 300 x 200 heated bed, and alluminum table(its a must for bed leveling sensor)

so, here is design:

printer is designed for 3 mm lasercust steel,so it can be fast,stabile heavy and accurate.
All linear guides are hardenened chromed steel 62 HRC, 10 mm diameter.
work area is 300 x 200 x 250 mm height.
i will use e3d chimera hotend with dual bowden direct drive extruder.
heated bed is a must, so i ordered pcb heated bed from dennmark,
it will be driven by rambo board from reprapelectro and raspberry pi 2.
as you see first i have designed printer to fit some modified xz parts from thingiverse, but later i designed my own parts(attachment below).
enjoy pictures smiling smiley

any comments and critics are welcome, i still can change anything smiling smiley

please note that this is low budget project...total cost is about 500-600 usd.
i waz thinking to instail hiwin rails but that would be to expensive.

if you like it, i can make it open source.

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open | download - asemmbly woobot.JPG (186.4 KB)
Re: my new super duper ultra great 3d printer smiling smiley
August 10, 2015 01:50PM
Access to the electronics while the printer is in place would be a plus.
See LEDs on boards, adjust driver current level, access to any jumpers/dip switches,
access to R-pi SD card and usb ports.

Consider electronics on slide out or swing out plate.

Where will your bowden extruder mechanisms be mounted.
I think you may go to direct extruders.

Connectors on stepper wiring might be nice.
Shielded wiring, on stepper motor wires and stop switches MUST.
PWM creates a lot of interference / crosstalk.

Have Phun

confused smiley
Re: my new super duper ultra great 3d printer smiling smiley
August 10, 2015 02:03PM
Thnx for feedback!
Electronics is hidden becouse i have 3 years old little girl.
Rambo has digital trimpots.
And yes,i will also try direct drive but i am affraight that two 48 mm motors will be too heavy.
Motors will have connectors,but for now cables are not shielded. Extruders will ve mounted on chassis, deatachable, reworked airtrriper style.
Re: my new super duper ultra great 3d printer smiling smiley
August 11, 2015 11:37PM
I like this! Beautiful work. smiling smiley

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