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Linear Motion and Hotend questions/ideas

Posted by Trakyan 
Linear Motion and Hotend questions/ideas
October 11, 2016 03:16AM
Hey guys, I'm aware of belts and threaded rods but are there any other common or not so common linear motion systems that are more 3d printable? I'm toying around new ideas for reprap designs.

So far I'm aware of
threaded rods
rack and pinion

Of these only rack and pinion can be 3d printed to a decent standard as far as I'm aware.

Any other types of systems such as the Simpson reprap with it's gear arms, SCARA types etc I'd also be interested in hearing about.

I'd also like to ask people about their knowledge of hotends, what is the lowest power hotend you've come across (watts), for my purposes, if it hits 180/190 degrees it'll work. I've read some use ~40 watts but I'd like an opinion from someone who knows more than I do about how low could that power usage go and still print low temperature materials such as PLA (or anything lower temperature you can think of).

Thanks a bunch guys, I realize these are separate questions but I didn't think I should double thread.

EDIT: Also I remember the sarrus linkage but have been wondering if the relationship between angle of rotation and the linear distance moved is linear. In other words (like radial 3d printer systems, it there a greater error in some regions of movement than in at others, i.e. on a SCARA type, the distance moved by the extruder on the arm per degree of rotation is not the same near the center of the arc as opposed to the end).
Re: Linear Motion and Hotend questions/ideas
December 17, 2016 03:53AM
Please watch this video
Re: Linear Motion and Hotend questions/ideas
December 20, 2016 01:29PM
Two printed pulleys and a string
Like Wally Z axis


Re: Linear Motion and Hotend questions/ideas
February 09, 2018 10:54AM
Spectra braided fishing line.

But that comes with its own set of problems.

Mine is fairly short run, linear, about 12 inches, with 4 winds straight onto the stepper motor shaft.

This works great. The problem is the wear, when it starts to fray, it will get stuck and skip a step or 4.

I tried a printed spool, but could never get a spool to come out in a way I liked. I may try some other spool material.

Any motion greater than about 10inch or 220mm will require a spool, as a motor shaft isnt long enough.
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