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Diffrent types of XY and Z axis - Any general description?

Posted by martin1454 
Diffrent types of XY and Z axis - Any general description?
October 31, 2017 03:33AM

Im in the process of starting up a new 3d printer build, where I want to build an coreXY/HBOT/DBOT style printer(not totally sure yet which)
Im going to try to make it space efficent (max bed vs frame size) -

Right now im trying to look into the diffrent type of axis configurations.

for Z axis, I have openbuilds V-slot rails as frame, which i could use with some wheels, but would it be better to use something with a belt/screw rod? - is there anywhere i can learn about the diffrent types of z-axis without going trough 20+ pages?

the same for XY axis - anywhere i can read/get inspired of the axis without looking at others buildlog? Rightnow im either going for a normal linear rod, og using the V-slot rails
Re: Diffrent types of XY and Z axis - Any general description?
November 02, 2017 11:41AM
Here's the belt driven Z axis I used in UMMD. There are actually 3 posts on the Z axis- you might want to read through them to see how the 3rd and final rev evolved. I used linear guides, but you could use other types and still use belts to do the lifting.

The biggest potential problem with a belt lifted Z axis is preventing the bed from falling when power to the Z axis motor is lost/cut. You can have the same problem with screw lifted Z axes, depending on the screw pitch.

The bed support and leveling design is one of the best things I did in that printer, and can be adapted to any printer design, regardless of whether the bed or the extruder is lifted.

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