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Anybody Want to Help with Snapdragon?

Posted by jcabrer 
Anybody Want to Help with Snapdragon?
June 10, 2011 09:25PM
I'm AKA Wildseyed, and I've been designing a completely RP printable RepRap machine called Snapdragon. Details are in the wiki.

If anybody would like to help out, I'm looking to brainstorm on ideas to reduce the number of part types, so that its easier to print without loosing track of what's already printed.

I've attached a PNG file that illustrates what the various parts currently look like. I've only designed a few of these so far, and some of what I have designed, which has been posted up on Thingiverse, is obsolete (the old corners, mainly).

The scale of the drawing is 1px/mm. basic dimensions are 30mm x 228mm (Narrow Beams), 50mm x 228mm (Wide Beams), 100mm 100mm (Corners).

If anyone want's to recieve copies of the SolidWorks files, just drop me a PM with your email. Eventually I'll post the files on the wiki, but not until it's more stable.

One thought for part type reduction is that the wide beams with stepper mounts can also be used to replace the ones without mounts. Just a though.

If you are interested, just post your ideas here. Thanks!

open | download - Snapdragon Six Faces Color.PNG (74.9 KB)
Re: Anybody Want to Help with Snapdragon?
June 11, 2011 07:33PM
I like the idea, especially if the parts can be made thin (say, 8 to 10mm) so they are quick to print. A couple of quick suggestions; at present you have each side made from 3 parts; a corner, a centre and a corner. How about, for each face, one pair of opposite sides has two parts, the other pair of sides has 3. Adjoining faces always join 3 parts to 2 - this bridges all joins with a solid piece, I think this works for the whole cube. Also, where there are joins, have a snap lock edge. Mounts/holes for motors, rails etc would need to be considered. Very rough suggestion diagram attached!
open | download - snapdragon.png (4.9 KB)
Re: Anybody Want to Help with Snapdragon?
June 13, 2011 01:21AM
Have a look at the files on thingivrse. There is some join magic going on already.
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