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Pressure sensor

Posted by MikeCL 
Pressure sensor
July 19, 2021 04:59PM
I feel stupid here but I have a new printer and it comes with those little pressure sensors that goes around the nozzle.. how in the world does the nozzle fit around it? The inside does not seem to have a hole for the nozzle to fit.

Monoprice Delta Pro Auto Level Sensor | Replacement/Spare Parts for Monoprice Delta 3D Printers - 136568 [www.amazon.com]
Re: Pressure sensor
July 30, 2021 01:39AM
Sounds like it's not something you install on the printer, but rather stick on temporarily whenever you need to re-calibrate the bed leveling [downloads.monoprice.com]
Re: Pressure sensor
August 09, 2021 06:12PM
That is a pressure sensitive pad that can be used as a Z limit when calibrating & bed leveling. I use the same thing on my delta as Z-min limit.
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