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Need small quantity of Nylon SLS powder

Posted by Vicen 
Need small quantity of Nylon SLS powder
July 06, 2012 08:03AM

I plan to perform some tests for a possible SLS printer for a plasma fusion device (a stellarator, www.fusionvic.org).

I am looking for a supplier of a small quantity of Nylon 11 or Nylon 12 SLS powders (40-80 micron). One or 2 kg would be enough for the first tests. I assume a price of about 20-50 $/kg. I found nobody for such quantities.

Does anybody know any retailer or individual selling it?

Thanks a lot.
Re: Need small quantity of Nylon SLS powder
July 07, 2012 07:45AM
You won't find anyone selling it in those quantities - Arkema will sell you a 20kg bag, but it'll be well over $1k. The cheapest PA powders generally start at $50/kg - the real premium stuff (DuraForm PA/EOS PA2200) are on the order of $130/kg.

Easiest way to get your hands on it will be to contact a local Service Bureau running SLS Machines. The majority of the material contained within the "cake" (big block of unsintered powder with parts embedded inside it) from an SLS Machine is thrown out, as it's no longer suitable for building high quality parts with - but will be fine for your use. Just nag them for some of their scrap - they'll oblige - they were only going to throw it out anyway.

Just be aware that the SLS process will be incredibly tough to pull off from a DIY perspective - much more difficult than SLA/DLP/FDM, etc. At the very least you're going to need an enclosed chamber, a bed and feed material heating rig, highly accurate temperature sensing (IR Sensors), a steady supply of nitrogen, and a hell of a lot of patience.
Re: Need small quantity of Nylon SLS powder
July 09, 2012 07:58AM
Thanks proto.

I will try to find scrap powders and also to think about other less expensive 3D printing for large pieces.
Any recommendation from somebody?

Re: Need small quantity of Nylon SLS powder
July 09, 2012 08:05AM
... should be easier to realize with moulding - print the moulds in segments, so you can assemple them like a 3D-puzzle, then pour a curing resin in the form ...

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Hello Vicen,

I am currently trying to reduce the particle size of some nylon 12 (to approximately 20 microns) at the request of one of our customers.

Thus far it is slow going but I should know in a day or two if this is possible or what the finest particle size I can produce is?

Please send along a note with an email so I can follow up with you?

Regards, Doug Larsen
Springfield Industries
1873 Rochester Industrial Ct.
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
001 (248) 601-1445
Hi Vicen,
Do you ever get around to playing with this. I've been wanting to play with making a home SLS machine too. Would love to chat about it. Shoot me an email if you'd like at "bulk (atttt) imontheonline (dot) com" I'll reply with my main email.

Hello Vicen,
Just came across your request and although a little late in replying I would like to offer some nylon powder for your trial.
I produce nylon powder for several applications and would, if you are interested, be willing to provide a new grade we produce for SLS.
For the moment its the natural white colour under our brand name PolyMon but we have also started experimenting with colours for a new range called Polychroma Micron Powders.
Please send a short message explaining you project.
Best regards,
WHISPER International (UK) Ltd
I read with interest your reply to Vicen about your intention to create a finer powder - if its of interest we make a 10-20 micron nylon powder (PolyMon).
Best regards,
WHISPER International (UK) Ltd
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