Big_Brother 3D/CNC
June 17, 2013 02:20PM
My name is Saul Quevedo, I'm an inventor, I live in Brazil and I am also
beginning of this RepRap. Researched enough and decided to make the Net
a 3D printer type Rostock that will be called: big_brother.
I lay on the subject and am looking for more information
able to build my first RepRap. I think this setup Delta
may be definitive, because it seems simple and very efficient.
I want to build a well with steps larger than normal: (see pictures)
Height: 2.25 mts.
Width: 1,250 Mts.
Depth: 1,150 mts.
Printing Area: 1000 x 1250 x 850 mm.
So I can build parts for a project bike four wheel (tilt)
a mini brick factory ecological and stuff and I think that in the future
available in the designs and products for the entire community.
The possibilities for this machine are many, even in the professional area.
I will use engines Nema_23 Slic3r and software. I have doubts on what size
pulley to use and what type of belt (GT2, GT3, which the best width?).
The soft Slic3r is the best or is there better ones?
Future think about using a high power laser device that I am
Printable developing type SLS and better you can imagine.
I'm still researching this, it seems easy, we'll see.!
Thanks if you can provide me more information about this subject already
thank you. Congratulations.

Links of my inventions:

1 - Auto-Generator Electricity - A new technology!

2 - Hidrocooler microprocessors from Intel and AMD - InovaStar

3 - Neutral Zone: A new sensational game of pool. much more exciting!

My other projects:

4 - brushlees engines of high efficiency and low cost. Projects of various types of engines Brushlees for special applications in motorcycles, tricycles and cars, new technologies, see the link:
Being a specially developed for general applications: Electra Tuingo_360 but it applies perfectly for use in Aeromodelismo. see link: []

5 - Mata Burros in modules (width 1.2 Mts) with night signaling. Mounted on top of concrete blocks stackable for easy and secure installation. It can be mounted side by side two or more mats size that is more convenient in length or width. The assembly also apply to build bridges of small or medium sized (larger bridges can be made under the special project). see link:

6 - Elliptical Bearings: more capacity for the same size bearings which are already the industry standard, supports large loads tilted up to 60 degrees of tilt.

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