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Image Labeling CD Burner's

Posted by JohnnyCooper 
Image Labeling CD Burner's
February 28, 2010 11:07PM

Is there any reason that a product such as the "[email protected]" from yamaha or other CD burners couldn't be used for this technology?

I've done research on the subject in the past due to an interest in holograms, however it seems particularly relevant to the 3d printer community. Since normally the substrate spins, a spinning mirror or prism system would be necessary, however that's convenient as it means a 3d scanner is only a one or two mods and a CCD away.

I've seen white papers where the feat of burning holograms has been accomplished in university by EE's using a normal CD burner however they did so by hacking the firmware to remove some of the error correction.

Does anyone here have the necessary experience to work on such a thing? I can manufacture mechanical elements, however I'm clueless when it comes to modifying commercial Surface Mount Boards and firmwares and such.

The price point is not particularly competitive if it requires a commercial solution like the [email protected] unless we can get in contact with those University researchers/otherwise get our hands on the means to modify off the shelf generic CD burners.

Are we looking at some sort of CS logic analysis reverse engineering here? Seemingly, the hardware is relatively easy to hijack via clipping on to the stepper contacts/optical encoders manually?

Can an arduino drive a CD burner or do the related speeds and caches and such require we reprogram the existing electronics?

Just musing.
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