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Nylon or ABS?

Posted by IM 
Nylon or ABS?
September 06, 2010 07:40AM
Hi everybody,

I am a product designer and I would like to get a prototype done of a new toy that I have developed. This toy will operate with a small mechanisms similar to a trigger in a toy gun. In order to withstand the impact from the metal trigger, what do you think that will be the best material for this application, ABS or Nylon?

Basically the metal trigger will hit a small explosive charge against a small housing made of ABS or Nylon. No direct impact will be over the prototype surface, however I would like to try the prototype a few times before it wears out. I guess ABS might be the best option, but I am open to suggestions.

Re: Nylon or ABS?
September 06, 2010 07:59AM
... ABS is harder, NYLON more springy/elastic - both should be good candidates.

When printing: ABS is common for FDM/FFF, NYLON is common for laser-sintering ...

Re: Nylon or ABS?
September 06, 2010 08:44AM
Thanks for your reply Viktor.

The parts in nylon (SLS) are less expensive than the ones in ABS (FDM). I was wondering if SLS works better than FDM?

I might go for the ABS, since the final product will be injected in a more stiff material.

Thanks again.
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