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ZP150 (Plaster) powder - hydraulic curing?

Posted by Ezrec 
ZP150 (Plaster) powder - hydraulic curing?
November 09, 2015 01:15PM
I accidentally dropped a freshly dried part (ZCorp ZP150 + Sake binder) in a bucket of water, and observed the following:

* Immediate loss of fine details on the part sad smiley
* Left the part in the bucket for approx 1 hour (had other things to do, considered it a total loss)
* Upon removal of the part, noticed that it was much harder than expected
* Put the part in the drying oven at 80C for 2 hours
* Upon removal, the dried part was extremely hard and durable, and completely hardened throughout. smiling smiley

Surface hardness is similar to cyanoacrylate, but the overall part is much harder (I usually can't get cyanoacrylate to penetrate more then 3mm).

Part durability is much better (and surface is easier to paint) than wax infusion.

These properties of this ZP150 part (sake binder) reminds me of Portland Cement, which sets up under water.

I'm planning to run some tests with placing freshly dried parts in a fine sand matrix (to try to preserve fine details and prevent slumping), and immersing the part + sand in water.

If this works well, it'll be a much better option for me than cyanoacrylate or epoxy infusion (small workspace with poor ventilation).

Has anyone else noticed this property, or have a similar process already developed?
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