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Help function in 11.10.07

Posted by jkp 
Help function in 11.10.07
November 01, 2011 07:20AM

I have a problem with the help function (the '?' buttons) in 11.10.07. When I click the button, Firefox starts up with the requested page. The problem is, that while Firefox is running, I can't interact with the program. The user interface is not refreshed, if I bring the program to front. Only after I quit Firefox, I can use the program. It would be nice if I could tweak the settings in the program, while reading about the setting in the browser. Is there any settings I can change to alter this behavior?
Re: Help function in 11.10.07
November 01, 2011 07:23AM
By the way, I use Ubuntu 11.10 as operating system.
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