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Skin plugin in SF - does it work?

Posted by osnwt 
Skin plugin in SF - does it work?
April 09, 2012 05:14PM
Hi all,

I am newbie in 3D printing. After few quick attempts to try different slicers I still think the Skeinforge is the most flexible at the moment (from those which I've seen).

Now when I have more-or-less good results, I am trying to beautify my prints. But it seems to me that Skin plugin does not work as expected. Symptoms (using default settings of the plugin):

1) With active skin the skin infill is divided by 2 (default) layers vertically. That's correct, but the 1st of them is printed using low speed comparing to normal infill, and the 2nd one is at full (normal) speed.The problem with it is that for thin layers (I use 0.2mm layers and want to have 0.1 perimeter) the normal speed for infill is too high, I need it lower. There is no such setting in the Skin plugin, but it lowers the feedrate for the 1st (inner) sublayer somehow and uses full speed for the top. I need both to be done at low speed. Any ideas?

I think that the best is to add skin feed rate multiplier similarly to be done for bottom. And use it for both (or all) sublayers. Or maybe for all except the top which may have own multiplier.

2) This problem looks like a bug to me. If in addition to the settings above I activate the hop feature in the Skin plugin, trying to fill the skin, the carriage almost stops trying to move hotend at ~1mm per MINUTE (approximately) and melting the plastic.

I can provide all settings and data, but want to ask first if somebody have seen the same? Not having enought time to study the code and innner loginc of the SF (and as I saw somewhere the author is not interested to receive a lot of contributions referencing to complexity of the code), I guess if somebody has success with the Skin in SF?

EDIT: after some gcode evaluation it looks like Skin plugin does not preserve the correct feed rate. After it updates the gcode it does not set the correct feedrate. In the 1st case it uses (last used?) perimeter speed (which is set to 0.75 in my speed settings) instead of full feed rate (1.0) - that's good, - and the second sublayer is processed at 1.0 (max allowed) feed rate. In the 2nd case it sets something wrong as well (I did not look at that yet).

So it seems to me that the fix should be ~one line fix for the author of SF or somebody else familiar with the code.

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