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better connected infill

Posted by Dirty Steve 
better connected infill
October 27, 2012 02:48AM
How can I get my solid infill to be a more continuous pass?

Infill in a cube is fine with generally 2 continuous paths, but I'm getting alot of retractions and jumping around in the gcode for this gear I'm trying to print. i.e. passing right to left, it will retract, jump over several extrusion paths, infill some, then come back to the paths the were skipped, instead of just filling left to right continuously like in a cube.

I can make it worse by decreasing the Sharpest Angle, but not better by increasing it.


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Re: better connected infill
October 27, 2012 02:48PM
Eliminated most of the retractions with minimum travel after retraction, but still getting jumping passes.

Would like to elimate non-retraction extruder moves from my gcode and the extra Z values, which I think better infill continuity would eliminate.

G1 X96.098 Y85.588 Z3.9 F1000.002 A1025.8705
G1 X96.153 Y85.826 A1025.8748
G1 X98.135 Y83.843 A1025.9234
G1 F30000.0 A1025.9234
G1 X98.213 Y84.059 Z3.9 F7800.0
G1 F30000.0 A1025.9234

I believe these are retraction moves, but not retracting due to minimum travel after retraction value.

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November 07, 2012 10:16AM
Had infill overlap over perimeter set lower than .65, which SF warns during processing. Was running into backlash issue causing infill to not meet perimeter loops. Now running with backlash correction.

Had the time tonite to run quick test codes to figure it out.

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