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ReplicatorG 40 Skeinforge 50 Offset help

Posted by Adventure 
ReplicatorG 40 Skeinforge 50 Offset help
February 02, 2013 10:49AM
Does anyone know if there is any built in offsets? I have a T0 and T1 print head with a 40mm spacing.

I am trying to print with support material.

I am attempting to insert the following

G1 X-20 F5000

G1 X+20 F5000

My results are that it does switch print heads, but the print head wants to home back to Xmin end stop. Then it comes back and starts printing next to my object.

I have tested this code on its own and it does move to the correct location.

here is a snip of the generated code.

Here is the transition from T0 to T1

G1 X214.57 Y225.22 Z2.09 F3120.0 E222.5
G1 X214.57 Y227.01 Z2.09 F3120.0 E222.577
G1 X166.76 Y227.01 Z2.09 F3120.0 E224.637
G1 F1200.0
G1 E223.637
G1 F3120.0
M108 S9.0

G1 X-20.0 F5000

G1 X169.13 Y193.05 Z2.75 F3000.0
G1 F1200.0
G1 E224.637
G1 F3000.0
G1 X210.88 Y193.05 Z2.75 F2496.0 E226.243
G1 X210.88 Y194.84 Z2.75 F2496.0 E226.312
G1 X169.13 Y194.84 Z2.7

Here is the transition from T1 to T0

G1 X210.88 Y198.41 Z3.3 F3120.0 E302.479
G1 X210.88 Y196.63 Z3.3 F3120.0 E302.589
G1 X203.93 Y196.63 Z3.3 F3120.0 E303.016
G1 F1200.0
G1 E302.016
G1 F3120.0

G1 X+20.0 F5000

G1 X200.71 Y200.44 Z3.3 F3000.0
G1 F1200.0

It should just switch toolheads and set the Tool head + or - 20. Or am I simplifying this too much.. Why is it homing to my X min endstop??

I am also thinking that it is taking me to position -20 that is not on my +300 x +300 grid. So that is why it is trying to run off the board. If that is the case, then how do I Add +20 or -20 and keep the same coordinates?



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