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Can't calibrate Sailfish.

Posted by Nexie 
Can't calibrate Sailfish.
July 20, 2013 01:07PM
So I've finally got around to trying to calibrate my Sailfish printing as suggested in the Sailfish tuning guide, but I am having problems. Mainly, I turned off print-o-matic for cube tuning purposes, but now as I make changes in Skeinfoge regarding those same settings print-o-matic takes care of, nothing happens.

The first problem I noticed was that my solidity setting in the fill tab was set to .1 but my cubes were being printed solid. After realizing that the cubes were supposed to be printed w/ 100% fill I changed to 1. Then as I adjusted the width over height adjustment in carve and width over thickness in inset, it made no difference. It continued to print with way too much infill. I set width over thickness to 10 and the 2D slice analysis that would pop up after slicing would show infill with just a few columns across the square I am trying to fill. But when printing, nothing changed. Exactly the same amount of infill columns printed as before I adjusted. Just like the solidity parameter, changing it made no difference in the print.

What's going on? Also I printed the calibration lines from the Scripts menu of RepG. How does one use these lines to calibrate?

Replicator Dual w/ Sailfish 7.5
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