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Extruder stops extruding halfway during print

Posted by wheredidjengo 
Extruder stops extruding halfway during print
October 02, 2013 08:43AM
Hi All,

I am new to 3D printing so please excuse me if I sound idiotic at times. I have recently built a RepRapPro Mendel and am performing test prints with a single material (PLA).

When performing test prints of a cube or even a flat disc of material I am having issues when randomly during the print the extruder doesn't seem to extrude anymore material thus leaving gaps in the piece (picture attached). I have performed the extruder calibration and it seems to be working fine but the problem still seems to arise. I have also cleaned the hobbed gear and slowed down the extrusion speeds but these inconsistencies are still present.

Please help! I have found myself pleading with an inanimate object which is driving me crazy!

Thanks so much!
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Re: Extruder stops extruding halfway during print
October 03, 2013 05:27AM
Does extruder motor stops running during these moments?

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