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Anchor Killing?

Posted by corry 
Anchor Killing?
July 09, 2015 02:50AM
Really annoyed by this as I've been searching for 3 hours now. Everyone seems to say its just modify start.gcode, well, I did that, it didn't have one, so I made one. Now I get my start code and that stupid G1 E5.1 line! Ugh! I tried disabling skirt and raft, modifying bottom, nothing removes it so I cant even figure out which plugin is adding it. I'm about to tear into the code. I've not needed an anchor yet, and I don't plan on starting! smiling smiley My printer also didn't seem to like trying to make it either..but I also hadn't fixed my speed params yet....which surely didn't help. Regardless, I don't want/need/care for an anchor and I can't get rid of it unless I put it in relative mode and just kill the damned line in the gcode output! Someone? Anyone? Know where this is?!
Re: Anchor Killing?
July 09, 2015 03:41AM
What is it that you want to accomplish? confused smiley

Bob Morrison
Wörth am Rhein, Germany
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Re: Anchor Killing?
July 09, 2015 04:28AM
Just killing the anchor gcode. Can't find a setting, my start and end files were empty. Just want the code not showing up. I could just remove my g92 from my bow created start file, run the extruder to 5.1, kill the code manually, and all would be well, but that's pretty ridiculous just to get rid of the anchor code g1 e5.1. Literally just move absolute extruder only 5.1mm (sf50 so it's 5.1mm feedstock). im new to printing, not to CNC, was dissatisfied with slic3rs paths, cura was better, but still had some real stupidity. Finally decided despite all the, "omg sf is so hard to use" on the Internet to give it a shot. I love the control, I love the tool paths it generates with the control given. I hate that stupid blob! smiling smiley.
Re: Anchor Killing?
July 09, 2015 04:53AM
WTF is "anchor code"?

Please post the first 20 lines of a gcode file created with your settings.
Are you sure you are looking in the proper location for the start.gcode file?

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Bob Morrison
Wörth am Rhein, Germany
"Luke, use the source!"
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Re: Anchor Killing?
July 09, 2015 12:21PM
The anchor was/is a blob of plastic laid down to help it stick. If you really want all of it I'll post it when I get to my computer. It's not a specific code though, as I said in my post, the code in question is the very first extruder command is g1 e5.1. This follows a move to the beginning of the skirt. The rest of the skirt includes g1 with x, y, z, and more reasonable e commands incrementing by fractions of a millimeter only until it gets to the long moves where it increased by 1.5. The only reason I can think of that its moving 5mm of feedstock without moving at the very beginning is that it's creating an "anchor" a blob of plastic on the bed designed to help the rest of the part stick

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Re: Anchor Killing?
July 09, 2015 03:03PM
First 20 lines. Ill add some annotations though....

;This is my start.gcode file....
G21 ;Set units to mm
G28 ;Go Home
M140 S70 ;Heat the bed to 70 fast
M190 ;wait for bed temp to hit specified value
M106 S64 ;enable the cooling fan. I don't have it yet as I'm working on printing a mount/shroud so I haven't played with this, but it was in an example so I left it.
G92 ;Reset the extruder position
;This is the end of my start.gcode file
;No idea where skeinforge is pulling all this stuff from, some is obvious like the G90 absolute positioning, some like the G1 E5.1 I can't figure out where its coming from
G90 ;Set absolute positioning
G21 ;Set units to mm.....yeah, again. saw the skeinforge setting to do it, but I put it in my start just in case I ever disable it and forget smiling smiley
G28 ;Home Oh well, no big deal. I did tell skeinforge to home.... Same, added it to my start since it wont hurt smiling smiley
M105 ;Get extruder temp. Pretty sure I remember a setting for this as well.
M113 S1.0 Set extruder PWM.....reprap G-Code wiki says only the 5d firmware supports this, but I've not seen anyone say I need 5D firmware to use 5D plugin in skeinforge, but perhaps this is an issue....I assume this is from the 5D plugin, but not sure at all..
M108 S11.25 ;Set extruder speed - deprecated repman setting. Not sure where this is coming from either, again, assume 5d...
M104 S235.0 ;Set extruder temp to 235C
G1 X-20.664 Y-20.75 Z0.4 F4200.0 ;Move to the start of the skirt
G1 F1740.0 ;Sets the feedrate
G1 E5.1 ;Extrude a stupid anchor This is what I want gone. Its useless and unnecessary. Some printers may need it I guess if they have gad adhesion. I'm getting adhesion that's just right. Print sticks, but not so hard I have to break the glass to get it off smiling smiley
G1 F4200.0 ;Sets the federate again....
M101 Turn on the extruder, undo retraction, unsupported in repetier and most firmwares other than teacup and repman
G1 X-20.544 Y-20.75 Z0.4 F2250.0 E5.1019 ;Start printing. Note the sane values for the extruder. (actually they're a little low intentionally. My first layer seems to need to be at .35-.4 to get good adhesion, no jamming, etc, but my subsequent layers are .25, and I have the skin option on at .1 or so layer height, with a .4 nozzle, so I'm testing backing down the extruder speed a bit smiling smiley No its not all calibrated with skeinforge. I just wanted the anchor gone, and got held up on that, so I didn't get to the rest of the calibration last night smiling smiley

So there it is, plain as day, G1 E5.1 before anything else. Useless blob of plastic laid down that I simply do not want. No reason for it. Can't find an option to disable it. I just want it gone. Since its absolute positioning, I can't just remove the line, I'd have to kill my G92 code and the G1 E5.1 line, then before hitting start print I'd have to extrude 5.1 manually, clean the nozzle, then start the print. Doable, but easily forgettable. Its really frustrating that I can't even find a setting for it. I'm a software engineer so if I don't get a suitable response, I will tear into the code. I just want to print though, not code yet. I've got some ideas to try coding later, but right now I just want to print. If I have to go into the code, I will.
G1 X-20.424 Y-20.75 Z0.4 F3750.0 E5.10304
Re: Anchor Killing?
July 09, 2015 05:09PM
ok, so I decided to start disabling modules, and since I couldn't disable dimensions, look at its settings more closely. I did set a retract distance of 5, and an extra start of .1. That number needs calibration...but I have a 1m Bowden tube (only slight overkill for the printer length, and I have noticed some hysteresis...) Apparently this isn't used with a G1, its supposed to be used with extruder stops. Well, theres no extruder stop. I'll verify if its blobbing or not in a minute. I had 2 jams, and some other issues, so I was taking a very deep look at the gcode before trying again. Jam clearing isn't a big deal with a heat gun, but it takes time, and is annoying smiling smiley Not to mention, I find jams to be terribly embarrassing! So I figured I'd really dig deep into the code, understand everything its doing before trying a print again, the extruder 5.1 was something I could not explain. I wanted it gone as it looks a lot like old anchor code, but perhaps theres some command there with a side effect of retraction. If I had to guess I'd say its M108, but since it was unsupported by repetier on the reprap wiki, I figured it'd be ignored....maybe it is, and maybe this is going to cause an anchor. I'll find out as soon as I get the printer fired up again...
Re: Anchor Killing?
July 10, 2015 03:31AM
I suspect that you have Splodge activated. If so, deactivate it.
If the Oozebane plugin is activated I would also deactivate it.
Then activate the Skirt plugin.

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Bob Morrison
Wörth am Rhein, Germany
"Luke, use the source!"
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Re: Anchor Killing?
July 26, 2015 06:07PM
Just for future reference in case anyone else sees this, no it was actually nothing. Some command somewhere seems to do a retract. Must be a side effect, but I do not get an anchor, or really any movement of the filament at the start of the print. So I haven't a clue what's going on here, but I don't really need to since it works. Lesson learned, run the code before trying to kill something. I just really didn't want another jam, so I was trying the analyze everything first approach.
All is well though, ignore this, if you see it in your code, its nothing to worry about/cause jams/etc.
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