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Skeinforge with 2 extruder heads

Posted by spaceman 
Skeinforge with 2 extruder heads
November 07, 2010 08:22AM

Can skeinforge handle a machine with 2 print heads. I was wondering if I could build a machine with 2. One for ABS and one for support material.

If it can, is there a difference in the Gcode for which extruder is turned on?
Re: Skeinforge with 2 extruder heads
November 08, 2010 04:11AM

T selects the extruder.

T0 1st extruder

T1 2nd extruder etc.

As for skeinforge run it on a simple job (that needs support) with support switched on in Raft. Have a look at the G code output. Even if it does not create the code you need you may be able to get the correct code with replace.csv which can be a very powerful tool.


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