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Skeinforge BASICS?

Posted by Parker  
Skeinforge BASICS?
March 06, 2011 09:21PM
so, i've had my printer since christmas and have gotten it to print somewhat respectably in repsnapper and PLA, but repsnapper is a pretty cruel mistress... it doesn't have any sort of function to extrude a square around your base layer before printing to get the extruder working smoothly first, which i know skeinforge does with a plug-in.

it turns out that's an extremely vital trick, because i always lose the first ~ 3 inches of actual g-code movements before it starts extruding.

It's also horribly documented, I only figured out that all the stuff it stuck at the beginning of the code was actual commands, not a brief explanation of available commands today.

So now it's even weirder. by removing the 0 command and sending it to 0 manually before i print i can avoid starting a print with a blob from zeroing. however, by removing these commands at the beginning of the code i break it somehow, so that when i press restart to try a print again with these lines removed, it just sits where it is rapidly extruding in reverse, IE pushing the filament back out the top of my extruder.

so i'm giving up on repsnapper.

my new question is, where on earth is Skeinforge documented? it's extremely hazy so far... i've actually figured out what all the individual craft buttons do, so i can make pretty acceptable g-code that would be great and all, except

-----------important part here: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEND CODE TO THE PRINTER.

some people mentioned send.py? where do i get that python script, because i can't find it anywhere in my skeinforge directory, at least not with windows' search capabilities.

I've tried importing skeinforge g-code into repsnapper, but for some reason that shows up off the corner of the grid, so that it would be in the negatives on the x and y axises.

TLgrinning smileyR: I'm tired of repsnapper, where can i find a basic guide for skeinforge? and how do i send .gcode files to my printer?

I have a mendel with gen6 electronics by the way, hence the repsnapper, it's what apparently goes with my board.
Re: Skeinforge BASICS?
March 06, 2011 10:03PM
Skeinforge manual:


Skeinforge doesn't send g-codes to the printer. I send them with repsnapper or the reprap host.

You need to go to the multiply tab and turn it on. Then specifiy 100,100 for the location and set for 1x1. This puts the part in the center of the Mendel bed.
Re: Skeinforge BASICS?
March 07, 2011 01:36PM
As for extruding a box around the part...
I just added some custom g-code to the start of each gcode file (RepSnapper can do this, as well as Skeinforge) that extrudes a few parallel lines starting from (0,0) and then starts the object print. Pretty simple.

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Re: Skeinforge BASICS?
March 07, 2011 02:46PM
Use either the outline plugin for Skeinforge or install the newest version 40 of Skeinforge and use the new skirt function.
ATTENTION: You need to change your firmware to E_STEPS_PER_MM of 3mm filament instead of extruded filament.

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Re: Skeinforge BASICS?
March 12, 2011 02:41PM
ah, thanks for the multiply tip, very helpful.

Now, where exactly would i go to change my firmware settings? i'd love to get this Z_STEP issue sorted too.
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